Why use money on code no one sees?

We have taken much of the code out of your website budget with Konceptas Bones 2

Why? Because it makes sense!

It’s better you use your money on fun stuff like: Advertisement, Design or even hardcore developement!
With a Konceptas Bones 2 Solution! We make sure that is possible for you!

Build on WordPress

We use WordPress to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes!

Beyond that Konceptas Bones 2 is a custom made page builder app, that makes it fun and easy to create stunning websites.

Very customizeable

Because we are not limited by the standard premium themes mentality we are able to create components that are tailored especially to your website needs!

So think big! The sky is the limit!

No code! Only content!

We build Konceptas Bones 2 to be a simple editor that removes all those pesky WordPress short tags and the requirement of basic HTML knowledge!

None of that! You just setup your content!

But how come this page looks so “simple”?

Well this is our barebone theme, hence the name Konceptas BONES 2, which we use a point of start whenever we create new unique themes for our clients.

If you really wanna watch some unique and stunning Konceptas Bones 2 solutions, we gathered a few for you below:

Herning er Kultur Website


Herningnyt.dk Website


See more of the cool features Konceptas Bones 2 can do?

See our "Kitchen Sink"

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